Universal Tongue needs your financial support for the continued evolution of this extensive project which is all open source, 32 hours of video and 4 hours of soundtrack. The next steps for Universal Tongue will be a book, a larger social media presence, and a distribution mechanism so there can be universal enjoyment.

* The book consists out of screenshots of the 1000 different dance styles and their descriptions, critical texts and documentation photos of the installations of Universal Tongue.

* We would like to activate the #universaltongue for all dance videos uploaded from now on. Our website will show all the instagram pages with that hashtag. It would be ideal if the hashtag becomes universal and will show the continued development in dance from now into the future, forever?

* The Universal Tongue Team wants to distribute the project in a way that there is universal accessibility.  Anywhere in the world people should be able to project the videos for example at a party and enjoy them without having to attend an art exhibition.

Dancing is liberating, healthy, great for connecting people and breaking down barriers.  Please contribute to this project financially through the button below.

All financial contributors will be recognized on the Universal Tongue "Wall of Contributors”. If you prefer to stay anonymous please mention this while making a donation. All active contributors will be rewarded with better health, higher spirits, and stronger connections to their fellow humans.

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